NaNoWriMo : Day 3

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Daily Wordcount Goal: 1,667
Daily Wordcount Actual: 3,147

Monthly Wordcount Goal: 5,001
Monthly Wordcount Actual: 8,808

Ahead/Behind: Ahead 3,807

Today’s Theme: Flip That, It’s Not Working

Thus Went The Day: Another early morning write-in at Paneras and I have now embraced the fact that if I don’t get up and write in the morning, nothing gets done on weekdays. *sighs*

I was looking over the various POV groups and thought the hospital added very little to the conversation, since it was simply a rehash of what the hunters and the recon team was going through (abet with a building). So I decided to come at it from the other side.

Thus I have a nice chunk of new storyline built around the folks who stayed on Earth at the hospital and their encounter with a younger People. Oddly, this first contact seems to work better than the hunters, although that portion was written from the POV of Speaks To Food (who will get a better name at some point. Or not.)

That bit done I then went back and worked out ideas of other POVs to work with. I’ve got 50,000 words and plenty of room to move beyond my core group. Had some fun fleshing out the bachelor herd of People and the trials and tribulations. Also started roughing out the time-line as to what happens when and where I need to find POVs to fill in the gaps. YouTube Boy is planned to star in tomorrow morning’s writing, but the bachelor herd is growing on me.

All in all, this might be a bit more fragmented than my normal stab at NaNo, but sort of like quilting, I think all the pieces will come together nicely in the end. … at least I hope they will.

New named characters: Carl, Jacob, Jillian, Walsh

New Locations: Hospital (earth-side)

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