NaNoWriMo : Day 2

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Daily Wordcount Goal: 1,667
Daily Wordcount Actual: 1,769

Monthly Wordcount Goal: 3,334
Monthly Wordcount Actual: 5,661

Ahead/Behind: Ahead 2,327

Today’s Theme: How the Recon Team is Not Imaginary Gate Team 5

Thus Went The Day: No writing was done in the morning due to being horribly lazy, but my butt was on the treadmill this evening. I got in a mile’s worth of walking and managed to nudge my wordcount over the 5k hump. Not bad, although a smidge closer to the required minimum than I would like. Am hoping tomorrow morning’s early AM adventures help boost the count!

Today I worked out the recon team’s story. From their initial sundering down to where they meet up with the hunter and then onto the hospital (or what’s left of it). Developed another side story that may or may not make it into the final work. There are a lot of little snippits that could prove useful for tone-setting, but for now I’m treating them as filler fluff.

Still working on fleshing out the various POV groups, and the recon team is beginning to remind me of good old IGT5. I don’t know that this is a bad thing, after all IGT5 comes with back-stories and personalities… the leap from fanfic-based original characters to original fiction original characters isn’t that much of a leap really. Which may mean that Amy, Ant, Matt, Trisha and McCravey get added to the ‘Named Characters’ list a bit later down the line. For now all I managed to hand monikers on were more People. *le sigh*

New named characters: Sings To Plants, Too Old For This Nonsense

New Locations: The World Tree (aka Pando), Unnamed City A, Alpha Site, Omega Site

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