NaNoWriMo : Day 1

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Daily Wordcount Goal: 1,667
Daily Wordcount Actual: 2,771 (morning) and 1,121 (evening)

Monthly Wordcount Goal: 1,667
Monthly Wordcount Actual: 3,892

Ahead/Behind: Ahead 2,225

Today’s Theme: The quest for a plot.

Thus Went The Day: The early morning Write-in (6:30) was a good start to the month, although I consumed a LOT of caffeine as the day went on.

I focused my morning writing efforts on coming up with a decent three-part story outline and the evening on fleshing out some of the POV ideas. I have a few scenes roughed out and a handful of POV groups in the making. Going for third person omniscient, I think, but I may pull it back in close for some of the POV switches. Not sure how many of the groups will make it ‘on camera’ and how many will end up as quick synopses.

Mostly I was concerned that I needed some idea of where things were going before I started into the detailed scenes. The problem I’ve had in past NaNos is a lack of an end point. So the story sort of wandered around aimlessly. It’s no fun writing something I don’t want to read…

New named characters: Kid, Judge, Speaks To Food

New Locations: Cave, YouTube Tree, 3/10th of a Hospital (literally)

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