Dual-boxing Hunters : Starting Macros

Hither and Yon
Hither and Yon

Now that the UI is setup, it’s time to get the macros in place!

Since I only play two toons instead of three or more, I don’t use many of the automation macros. With Yon’s screen set at 800 x 600, I can read and interact with the various pop-ups without issues. Thus my initial setup is much simpler than most Multiboxers’.

Plus the starter pets, while technically pets, apparently aren’t controllable and thus there is no point in Macro’ing commands. (Wish I’d know that before I wasted fifteen minutes trying to figure out why /petattack wasn’t working!)

Check out Petopia’s Guide to Starter Pets for more details.

Generic Macros

Macro : Instant Party
Keybinding : None, since I only click it once a session.
Purpose : Hyther invites Yon to a group and sets the loot to Free For All. I then have to click Accept for the party on Yon, but that turned out to be easier than setting up a macro to accept the invite and then to hide the accept/decline window.

Hyther’s Macro
/invite Yon
/script SetLootMethod(“freeforall”, “Hyther”);

Macro : Follow Me
Keybinding : Top Row Number 0 on both toons
Purpose : Sets Yon to follow Hyther, puts both of the pets on passive and follow. I hit this key after every mob kill, which keeps the pets from helpfully rushing off to attack other nearby mobs. Whether or not the /petpassive and /petfollow do anything is up for debate, but I figure it can’t hurt.

Hyther’s Macro

Yon’s Macro
/follow Hyther

Combat Macros

You only need one basic macro for all combat spells and abilities. Just change the name of the spell in the macro below and you’re good to go. When the rotations get a bit more complex later on this will change, but for now assume I am using the same macro for every new attack (unless specified).

Macro : Name the macro the same as the spell and WoW will automatically pick the correct icon
Keybinding : Put it in the same slot as the spell on Hyther’s action bar, unless specified otherwise
Purpose : Will set Yon’s target to Hyther’s target and then cast the spell

Yon’s Macro
/assist Hyther
/cast Arcane Shot

Thus endeth the Macros, at least for now!

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