Patch 4.0.1 – A Brave New World

Patch Baby Patch!
Patch Baby Patch!

Alright, so compared to the coming Cataclysm it’s not that big a change, but there are some serious updates to the basic mechanics for most classes — which is why I’ve put off posting until I had a chance to sit down and sort things out.

Thankfully I was able to download the patch on my solo play installation of WoW and then copy the patch files over to my leader and follower installations.

The temporary loss of X-Perl UnitFrames means I’ll have to go back to using the default UI for the party screens, but hopefully that will be temporary. Still, there were a lot of addon updates (WoWInterface AddOn Survival Guide (Patch 4.0.1)), so I’m glad I waited the few extra days before trying to dual-box again.

Nothing like a patch to break everything! 😛

Since the hunters have had almost a complete overhaul, I’ll be redoing the leveling guide from scratch. The druids don’t have as many changes, but I’ll still need to look over the play style I developed and see if there is an opportunity to move from a feral-resto combo to balance-balance. Either way I need to sit down and plot out how I’m going to level (and post) in order to provide a solid base of information for other folks looking into dual-boxing. (The more the merrier!)

I’m also looking over my toons on Fizzcrank and on Shandris and trying to figure out who I want to keep and who to get rid of. I’m looking forward to picking up a pair of Worgen on Fizzcrank and a pair of Goblins on Shandris, but I need to shuffle things around to make room. I’m also getting tired of soloing with my druid on Fizzcrank, so I either need to find a ‘real’ guild or get another toon to 80 so I have someone to dual-box with! 😛

So, lots of changes now that patch 4.0.1 is out… and hopefully lots of posts to match!

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