National Novel Writing Month 2010!

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NaNoWriMo starts again next Monday, which means I have a week in which to build the framework of a story that will carry me to 50,000 words in 30 days.

Since my previous attempts at NaNo have been more or less failures –one technical win in 2008 that ended up with 50k but no real story– I’m going to plan a bit more this time around. While planning didn’t help Dogs of the Never Never (2007) pull together in the end, it did help keep When Good is Dumb (2009) on some sort of coherent ramble.

I’ve already setup the daily posts so that formatting issues won’t be holding me back and am using this week to try and get rid of the cat-waxing that I normally fall into when I hit writer’s block. Daily posts will be clipped so that I don’t spam the blog, but those playing along at home will be able keep up with the rough draft as I go.

But planning aside, here’s the low-down on this year’s NaNo Novel!

Title: The Sundering (until I think of something better)

Genre: Urban Fantasy (possibly Science Fantasy depending on how much science I throw in).

Setting: Same universe as Simple Equations, only much earlier in the time line.

Plot: Man vs Nature / Survival. This is the story of the Sundering and the first contact between the People and Humanity.

(I’m also working on setting up a laptop at my treadmill so that I can walk while typing — more on that adventure in another post!)

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