Dell’Arcobaleno (Custom Breyer Stablemate Morgan Mare)

As you can see from the fancy background, Dell was one of my photoshow string back when I first got into the hobby. I know she was one of the first horses I painted, although I’m still trying to track down the history for these little guys. She was the second rainbow horse, the first one being the G2 Thoroughbred where I learned that yellow and green are mortal enemies. I deftly sidestepped that problem here by bypassing the greens and blues altogether.

The paint pattern is, erm, vaguely Tobiano-ish, but heavy on the ‘ish’. This was one of the few fantasy horses where I threw reality completely to the wind and just had fun. I really need to do more of these, it’s rather freeing to step outside the rules and just paint.

I have the photoshow records somewhere, and when I dig them up I’ll come back and update this post. As I remember, she did rather well in the fantasy classes and the person I sold her to ended up picking up a few more ribbons on the photoshow circuit. Don’t know if she’d do as well in the live shows, since her paint job was done back when I was still learning, but the bar is so high on the live shows at this point that I’m not even trying to reach it anymore.

Medium: Acrylics
Status: Painted 200? and Sold 200?

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