Procrastination Station

Much like Conjunction Junction (video), only without the singing. Or the grammar lessons.

… Although I could probably come up with a theme song if I tried hard enough. *hums*

The Shame

But no, today’s post is about my lack of posting– or rather: my lack of finishing posts. I am easily distracted and thus have a habit of starting posts, getting a few sentences in and then alt-tab’ing out and getting lost on a wild tangent. It’s a habit I hadn’t spent a lot of time worrying about until I sat down this morning to plan out a posting schedule for next week.

I have 35 drafts sitting in the Posts folder already and just came back from a rather productive stint at Panera’s where I came up with another sixty-four topics. Add to that the fact I’ve been collecting post ideas in a small notebook since early March and you have a rather impressive snowball of Things To Write About(tm).

Most of which, the savvy reader will have sussed, I have not actually ever written about.


I have good intentions, but somehow those aren’t translating into good results– this is a reoccurring theme in my life and it’s becoming annoying.

As much as I’d love to blame this failure on a lack of time, you can tell by the latest run of achievements on my World of Warcraft account that this isn’t the case. Although I could argue that chasing time-sensitive seasonal achievements count as a ‘get out of jail free’ card, they really only take about 30 minutes a day to run. If I can spend this much time goofing about pretending to be a cat (Feral Druid) you’d think I could manage to do something a little more productive.

So I’ve made a Giant List of Post Topics and will be working my way down the list in a completely random fashion. At a post a day, I’ve got well over three months worth of ideas and thus no room to complain about writer’s block. Assuming I make it to 300 words per post (which is an easy assumption) that’s well over 30,000 words worth of posting to be had.

Which is 3/5th of a NaNoWriMo novel… Yikes.

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