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Daysinger and Nightsinger
We all start somewhere…

(Sorry for skipping ahead, I got caught up in questing and I made it to 24 before I finished the earlier posts.)

At level 24 we pick up another rank in Raptor Strike (boo) and two new abilities.

Beast Lore

Beast Lore

“Gather information about the target beast. The tooltip will display damage, health, armor, any special resistances, and diet. In addition, Beast Lore will reveal whether or not the creature is tameable and what abilities the tamed creature has.”

Beast Lore Screenshot

When you cast this on a beast (which includes beast bosses, other hunters’ pets, Shamans in wolf form, and druids in cat/bear/travel form) it will show you information about the critter when you then mouse over it. It gives hunter’s a way to see what abilities pets had before they were tamed–which is sort of useless, assuming you’ve used Petopia to pick out your pet ahead of time.

I’m assuming this was much more useful back in the day when the different skins on the pets meant something. Depending on the beast, it might have unqiue talents, higher stats, or other such goodness. Now a pig is a pig is a tenacity pet– regardless of what it was before you tamed it.

Track Hidden

Track Hidden

“Greatly increases stealth detection and shows hidden units within detection range on the minimap. Only one form of tracking can be active at a time.”

While it’s nice to turn this on when the stealthed felines are making your life miserable in the Thousand Needles, it’s not that useful a skill outside of PvP. You won’t see anything pop up on the minimap before it’s right on top of you, since the ability doesn’t up your stealth detection to omnipotence… just a few more feet and a few levels higher. Outside of those specific times when you have to avoid the Annoying Invisible Critters, it’s not that useful.

Talent Point

This level’s talent point is going into Unleashed Fury again. I’m still not sold on putting two points into Pathfinding, even if I am doing a lot of running  around. Next level we’ll get to the next tier (yay!)

So, all in all, level 24 is sort of a wash. Ah well, still recovering from the insanity that was level 20!

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