Hunter Glyphs – First Major

First Major and Minor Hunter Glyphs
All Glyph’d Up!

Now that the Minor Glyph is out of the way it’s time to pick a Major… which is a much harder choice. There are currently six options available and the comments on Wowhead are a little confusing. I’ve searched for other discussions on the topics and I’ll be adding those links as I find them (and possibly updating my choices as well). It’s still a bit of a pain to find things aimed at leveling and not endgame. *mutter*

Ah well, once Cataclysm comes out I’ll have to go back and change this anyway.

Major Glyphs

This post only lists the Glyphs available at level 15. I will be evaluating the other glyphs as they become available, since I try my best to upgrade at every possible opportunity. If you’d rather hold off and spend the gold at a later level, just read ahead a bit and go from there.

Glyph of Arcane Shot – Pass

Requires : Level 15
Affect: Your Arcane Shot refunds 20% of its mana cost if the target has one of your Stings active on it.

This would be a better choice if mobs weren’t dead before Arcane Shot had a chance to come off global cooldown. I might pick this up later, but for right now it’s just not as useful to me (pre-theorycrafting research).

Glyph of the Hawk – Pass

Requires : Level 15
Affect: Increases the haste bonus of the Improved Aspect of the Hawk effect by an additional 6%.

More haste means more white shots, which would be nice, but with the Glyph of Hunter’s Mark I do more damage when I do shoot. I’ll definately need to break out the theorycrafting links for this one, but for now I think I’ll go with the Hunter’s Mark.

Glyph of Hunter’s Mark – Yoink (Daysinger)

Requires : Level 15
Affect: Increases the attack power bonus of your Hunter’s Mark by 20%.

I am going with this glyph because it increases the Hunter’s Mark bonus which affects both of the hunters (from what I understand). I’ll need to do a bit more reading on this one, but for the moment it’s the only glyph at 15 that affects more than just the person who has it. Since Night is picking up Mending, this seems the better choice over Hawk.

Glyph of Mending – Yoink (Nightsinger)

Requires : Level 15
Affect: Increases the healing done by your Mend Pet ability by 40%.

I decided this would be good for Night to have, since Meatsheild is the primary tank and we need to keep him up as long as possible. I’m planning on trying to solo some dungeons with Cuisinart Growl swapped to manual control, so the pig will be soaking most of the damage. If it doesn’t work, I’ll make sure to come back and update my choices. It may be that doing more damage is better than healing faster.

Glyph of Raptor Strike – Pass

Requires : Level 15
Affect: Reduces damage taken by 20% for 3 sec after using Raptor Strike.

Definite pass since I’m trying not to melee. The comments seem to indicate this is a worthwhile for low level PVP, but that’s yet another thing I’m really not interested in. I have a hard enough time fighting the computer, fighting other players would just be suicide… although I plan on having a blast in Wintergrasp!

Glyph of Serpent Sting – Pass

Requires : Level 15
Affect: Increases the duration of your Serpent Sting by 6 sec.

Pass on this one since everything is normally dead before the Sting runs out. I can only see this being useful when I’m soloing dungeons and I’m having too much fun just questing at the moment!

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