No love, Bartender, no love.

I finally hit 15 today on my hunters (Day 2 post coming soon!) and headed into a random dungeon. The first couple of pulls went fine and then the keybinds for everything stopped working on my main toon.

Of course I didn’t notice this right off, since my follower was doing everything as if the world was all fine and dandy. I managed to figure out what was going on after a few minutes of confused keypressing and then clicking– but Ragefire Chasm is a very very short dungeon and I ended up passing on everything that dropped once I realized just how sucktastic I was being (although no one called me on it, thankfully). There’s nothing quite like topping the dps charts to start with and then five minutes later being beaten out by the healer… *sighs*

As soon as the dungeon was over I quit out on the main and logged back in… and got a Bartender error and none of the keybinds worked. Logged out, Unchecked Bartender, logged in– no problemo.

So I am now a very very grumpy monkey. I’ll see if I can grab the error again later (I ragequit for a few hours, it’s been that kind of day) and for now I’ll go back to using the default Blizzard bars.


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  1. zelmaru Avatar

    Dominos is very similar to bartender, and I find it updated more reliably.

    I don’t like the setup interface as well, but it works fine once it’s set up.

    1. Stringtheory Avatar

      I may have to try that out today, using the default UI is just driving me batty! I’ll download it today (was going to write a post on Pet macros today anyway).

      Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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