Two new teams and still thinking of a name for an ice mage…

I’ve been a bit stumped trying to come up with a replacement for Stringtheory, so I decided to play around a bit with the new account.

Pattern – Recognition

Pattern and Recognition
Pattern and Recognition

Because I am a geek (and I love druids) I started a new pair of Night Elves named Pattern and Recognition. So far no one has gotten the joke– or even noticed. Although Recognition is the Lead and Pattern is the Follow, so maybe I need to swap them around. I’ve only ever gotten comments on the fact that I am dual-boxing when I have to explain that they need to stop whispering my Follow. Why I have so much trouble convincing people it’s just me, I have no idea.

I started these two with a goal of turning them both into Boomchickens later in life, but since it’s easier to level as feral, I may have to see if I can macro the insanity that is the feral rotation. If not, I’ll level them as a mix of healing and DPS (queue one as heals and one as DPS and do some of both on each). It should be interesting to see what kind of macros I can come up with!

The lure of trying tank-tank (queue as Tank-DPS) with two bears is also amusing… at least I know I’d never lose aggro!

Katessa – Aamira

Katessa and Aamira

Whilst thinking of a name for a frost mage, I was looking over my other toons trying to figure out what else would be fun to try. I have a lot of alts and I figured since most of them are low level I should be able to catch up quickly. The lowest level toon was a mighty level 7 warrior named Katessa… that I had stopped playing because she just wasn’t as interesting to play as the other DPS classes. Well, now I’ve got a whole account worth of interesting to add into the mix!

So I started a new Paladin with the goal of going either Holy or Ret depending on how hard it is to match up the two fighting styles. Amazingly by the time Katessa hit 13, Aamira hit 11. (It helped that all I was doing was Aamira’s quests, but still!) So now I have a pair of melee fighter with a little bit of tank and a little bit of heals. I’ve hit the point where I really need to sit down and figure out the best way to macro and keybind everything. Unlike Pattern and Recognition, these two have completely different abilities that I have to meld together. Should be fun!

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