The World’s Most Minimal UI…

The problem with dual-boxing is that for me, the screen goes from being 1920×1080 to being 1024×768 and 800×600. Which is TINY. At least on my monitor.

For a while I had it set to show Overdraft’s screen even larger and Stringtheory’s smaller, but I’ve found it’s a lot easier for me to deal with them when they are roughly the same size. Since I was a bit of a moron and gave each of them a gathering skill I have to keep and eye on both maps in search of goodies. (Not bright, I know, but I’m too lazy to fix it now.)

So my goal is to have as little as possible show up on either screen.

*gets out the toolset* Time to start trimming back on the addons! And the video settings, and the lag, and… you get the idea.

Addons for Both

  • Altoholic – This really should be a given considering I have a whole guild of alts.
  • Bartender4 – To help save as much space as possible
  • Gatherer – Yay for maps of herbs and stone!
  • Power Auras Classic – So it will be blindingly obvious how Stringtheory is doing without having to see the default UI
  • SexyMap – Huzzah for being able to move things!
  • Prat 3.0 – To make Barrens chat a little more bearable. (And to hide the chat window for Stringtheory)

Addons for Overdraft

  • Combuctor – On Overdraft but not on Stringtheory since I just pass to the main when I want to vendor things. (I may go back to using cargBags_Gnomed, but I’m waffling right now)
  • Informant – I only care what it’s worth/for if I’m selling it– since I am a packrat on steroids and never leave anything unlooted.
  • Auctioneer – See above
  • Omen – No point in seeing it twice, since I’ll be on the same target 90% of the time
  • Questhelper – For obvious reasons.
  • Recount – I use this to improve my own DPS, not to rag on other people.

Addons for Stringtheory

  • MoveAnything – To move the unitframes

Now that I’ve got the basics figured out it’s time to make it look pretty.

What Stringtheory’s UI looked like before…

And this? This is Not Pretty.

To keep things simple, I’m going to break this down by addon in the next few posts. Which should make things easier to deal with when I’m searching later to figure out what the BLEEP I did to the poor thing.

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