The Default UI : Stringtheory

Stringtheory has a much smaller screen (800×600) so I figure I’ll start with her. In theory, Overdraft will be easier to set up since she’ll be the closest to my other alts in terms of settings and layout.

So, time to start trimming some options!

Options – Video – Resolution

  • Resolution – set to 800×600 to match the resolution set up in Keyclone. While you can set the game resolution higher, I’ve found there is a lot less lag if you match things up.
  • Multisampling – Lowest setting. I’m not going to be looking at this screen much, so I’m killing off as much as I can.
  • Use UI Scale – I leave this off since I’ll most likely be using Bartender to shrink it down to barely usable anyway.
  • Hardware Cursor – Off, as I won’t be using the mouse in this window (at least in theory)
  • Reduce Input Lag – ON. Seriously, I don’t care if the framerate drops a little, I’d rather cut down on the time between key-press and mage-response however I can.

Options – Video – Effects

  • Video Quality: Low and all the effects turned off.

With my computer I could probably set things a bit higher that this, but for now I’m embracing the least WoW has to offer. Once I have the lag between the two more manageable, then I’ll worry about making things look pretty.

Options – Sound & Voice

  • Everything off.

Options – Interface – Controls

  • Auto Clear AFK – Is a must for those folks permanently on follow.
  • Block Incoming Trade Requests – When I need to move things over to Overdraft for sale, I’ll turn it back on. Hopefully this will cut down on the trade spams in Stormwind.
  • Auto Loot – For those times when I’m gathering or there are quest-y bits I need to be picking up

Options – Interface – Combat

  • Everything gets turned off in here other than the Auto Self Cast, since I can’t see a use for any of it (at least not yet).

Options – Interface – Display

  • Show Cloak/Show Helm – I’ll keep these for now, but if/when things start getting ugly they are going off…
  • Show Free Bag Space – I’m trying to make sure these guys are all maxed out on bags (yay for having a Tailor main!) so this should rarely be an issue.

Options – Interface – Objectives

  • Instant Quest Text – Why anyone wouldn’t have this on is beyond me… and since I’m using QuestHelper on Overdraft, there’s no need for any of the others.

Options – Interface – Social

  • I wish there was some way to turn the chat off all together, but I’m still working on that. For now these are all unchecked and I’ll set her to DND.

Options – Interface – ActionBars

  • Another section that I’m going to totally ignore in favor of addons. Woo!

Options – Interface – Names, Combat Text, and Status Text

  • Off, off, and more off! (They’d be too small to read)

Options – Interface – UnitFrames and Buffs and Debuffs

  • And a little more Off to go with the rest of the Off this little mage is embracing.

Options – Interface – Camera

  • Follow Terrain – this one is on, although I don’t know how useful it will be. I may end up turning them all off depending on how things go.
  • Water Collision – On
  • Smart Pivot – Off
  • Max Camera Distance – Low for now. I expect to keep the camera in close for Stringtheory so that there is less for that screen to render.
  • Auto Follow Speed – Medium
  • Camera Following Style – Only when moving

Options – Interface – Mouse

  • Nothing changes from the default settings.

Options – Interface – Features

  • There’s no point right now in using Equipment Manager or the Preview Talent Changes since I only have one set of gear and I am using the leveling builds so I know where my points are going.

Options – Interface – Help

  • All off, since I don’t want any interaction in this window if I can help it.

Options – Keybindings and Macros

  • Will be their own posts. Srsly.

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