SexyMap : Follower

SexyMap is an addon that allows you to modify (and more importantly, move) the map that is normally in the upper right hand corner of the screen. I normally get my addons through Curse (hence the link), but to each their own.

You can get to the settings by right clicking on the minimap or through Options – Interface – Addons. From there things are pretty straightforward.

  • Lock minimap – off so I can move it, then on later so it stays put
  • Clamp to screen – off so that I can get it as close to the left side of the screen as possible.
  • Scale – 1.5 (I may turn this down later, but for now I want it big enough to notice the Gatherer icons)
  • AutoZoom – I’ll leave to the default for now.
  • Buttons – are all set to hide until I hover over the map. (Since I most likely won’t need to use them often.
  • Borders – I’m using the Preset called Simple Square, for lo, it works and I am lazy.
  • Coordinates – Are off here and will be on for Overdraft
  • Fader – is off, since I won’t be mousing over this map unless something goes wrong. (Mages are a squishy lot)
  • HudMap – is off, since it’s relies on me paying more attention to the screen than will be healthy.
  • Ping – off
  • Zone Buttons – off
  • Profiles – not really needed since the only toon that will be here is Stringtheory (or possibly another dual-boxnig alt, who will most likely have the same settings)

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