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Overdraft pre-SexyMap

I’ve already got Stringtheory setup with this addon, so now it’s time to get Overdraft figured out. As you can see from the ‘before’ screenshot, I could actually probably just use the default map. It’s the right placement and approximately the right size… but I’ve become very fond of the square maps (I can see a little further) and the button hiding.

  • Lock minimap – This is the generic lock/unlock that everything movable tends to have. I turn it off so I can move it, then on later so it stays put.
  • Clamp to screen – off so that I can get it as close to the left side of the screen as possible.
  • Buttons – are all set to hide until I hover over the map. I’ve gone through and turned off all the buttons that I rarely use so that I can line them all up along the right-hand side of the map.
  • Borders – I’m using the Preset called Simple Square, for lo, it works and I am lazy.
  • Coordinates – On
  • Fader – is off, since I’ve found that I prefer to have the map on at all times.
  • HudMap – off
  • Ping – on
  • Zone Buttons – on
Overdraft post-SexyMap

Which leaves me with a map more or less the same size in more or less the same place, but better.

Better in an almost purely aesthetic way, but since I’m planning on staring at these screens for countless hours… I figure it’s worth the tweak.

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