Prat 3.0 : Stringtheory

Prat 3.0 is an addon that allows you to customize the chat interface in WoW, something it desperately needs! There are other addons that function more like AIM, but I have yet to find one that doesn’t crash me back to the desktop. So, erm, suggestions anyone?

For Stringtheory’s little screen all I am using this addon to do is hide the chat window (as best I can). It’s a much more powerful tool, but you’ll need to check out Overdraft’s post to see what nifty tricks you can teach it.

So for this addon, I just uncheck everything, unlock the window and drag it to the top corner. You can actually hide the darned thing mostly off-screen, with just enough left to drag it back out if needed.

No screenshots with this one because I didn’t do anything (and I forgot to save before I started working on Bartender). *whistles innocently*

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