Learning how to Dual-box (or: Embracing Death)

Stringtheory and Overdraft
Stringtheory and Overdraft

I started dual-boxing a bit back, just so I could have some extra firepower for those first few squishy levels of Mage-dom. When Stringtheory and Overdraft got big enough for the new Dungeon Finder, they went their separate ways. It was easier to play them individually, although not really as much fun, but I figured running dungeons as a pair would be a headache.

Except that running dungeons in general tends to be a headache. (Any PUG is better than no PUG, but only if you stretch the idea of ‘a learning experience’ to include prima donnas, people who drop group without warning, and folks who do their level best to make sure everyone else is miserable.)

Now I’m starting to think that these two might have a future as a team… (at least it drops the chance of bad PUGmates to 3-in-5 instead of 4-in-5). So it’s time to dust off Keyclone and see if I can’t make this work.

Since this is basically a ‘learn as you go’ blog, I’ll be putting all the notes on talents, glyphs, Keyclone settings, etc on here as I find them. Mostly likely things will change as I find new and better ways to make dual-boxing work (or just how not to be a Fail!Mage) and I welcome any comments or suggestions.

…But comments mocking my Fail!Mage-ery without contributing anything else? Those I shall mock.

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