KitchenSink and InstantParty Macro

This macro is used by the following toon to do a wide variety of tasks. I’ve tried to put as many of the generic things in this macro as I can, without running into conflicts. So far it’s working as intended, although I haven’t had a chance to try out all the functions.

KitchenSink Macro (On) – Follower

/follow Overdraft
/script AcceptGroup();
/script AcceptQuest();
/script RetrieveCorpse();
/script RepopMe();
/script ConfirmSummon();
/script AcceptProposal();

KitchenSink Macro (Off) – Follow

/script CancelDuel();
/script StaticPopup_Hide("PARTY_INVITE");
/script StaticPopup_Hide("QUEST_ACCEPT");

I ended up splitting this macro into two parts because it got too long. This one is a modified catchall macro I got from the Multiboxing macros post on WoWWiki. I took what they had and then started adding in everything else I could think of. This will most likely be weeded or split out later. This macro:

  1. This sets Stringtheory to follow Overdraft
  2. Accepts a Group invite
  3. Accepts a Quest
  4. Resurrects when close enough to a corpse
  5. Releases from a corpse into the graveyard that is my oft-time home
  6. Accepts a Summon
  7. Accepts a Random Dungeon invite
  1. Cancels a Duel invite
  2. Hides the Group Invite window
  3. Hide the Quest window

Instant Party (Just add mages!) – Leader

/invite Stringtheory
/script SetLootMethod("freeforall", "Overdraft");

When I start up the accounts I hit this and then KitchenSink and I’m good to go. I’ll most likely add in things that set the Focus or whatnot, but for now I’m starting simple.

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