I Hate Tuesdays (or: I found a new macro I want to try!)

You would think after more than a year of playing WoW I would learn not to try and log in on Tuesday morning.

Apparently, you would be wrong.

So the nifty new harvesting macro I’ve been chewing on (where I can click the plant on Overdraft and have Stringtheory harvest it) will have to wait until after work. I’m finding it rather amusing that so far I’ve spent the better part of four days just playing around with the settings and not actually playing. WoW is addicting in so many wonderful ways– and trying to find the customization that is just right is pretty darned addicting.

It doesn’t help that I love coding, and macros (while basic) fufill that basic desire to rearrange lego blocks into a Tyrannosaur. Or Zork. Or a Jurassic Park expansion pack for Zork. Take THAT you grue! … Right, so where was I?

Back to wanting to test out the new macros and script commands I found whilst surfing… and that will have to wait until after work. Unless I’m really lucky and things are up at lunch. Which is about as rare as me remembering I can log in Tuesday mornings.

So off to surf the web a bit more and see what other new tricks I can find to test out this eve…

I should really go and try to hunt down some other dual-box UI’s. I’m sort of curious now as to how everyone else has their systems setup. *adds it to the To Do list*

To Google!

Martha Bechtel

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