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Conjured Mana Pie - World of Warcraft
Mmm… Pie

The one thing you learn very very quickly while playing in the Dungeon Finder is that you had better come with at least a full stack of food and drink (and sometimes more than a full stack, if you happen to pull Wailing Caverns (hereafter refereed to as “Good God, Will this ever END?!?” ). So it behooves you to grab some macros that will keep your pair fed.

FUDS NAO – Leader & Follower (Mages only)

The one thing that makes the mages’ constant dying tolerable is the ability to sit my butt down at every single available moment and stuff my face with conjured foodstuffs. Which depending on the group can either be ‘never’ or ‘after every pull.’ Amusingly it’s one of the few things that clues other players in that I’m dual-boxing (ie: “Something isn’t right about those two…”) The following is a must have macro, even when I’m playing solo!

/cast [modifier:alt] Conjure Food; Conjure Water

When I hold down alt the macro casts Conjure Food, when I don’t it casts Conjure Water. Since my gals eat and drink in tandem I start out casting two of each and then keeping track of munchie numbers with Overdraft’s UI. I do trade away food some times, but it’s harder than you’d think to make low levels folks gnosh on the run.

Feed Me Seymour – Leader & Follower

(Otherwise known as the OM NOM NOM macro, but I figured I’m only allowed to use LOLcat once…)

/use <Name of Drink>
/use <Name of Food>

Will make your toon eat and drink at the same time. Since the mages create their food as needed, I use both for them. Alternately you could set up the macro to only do both if you press ALT. Just put the modifier in front of the action you do not want as the default.

/use <Name of Drink>
/use [modifier:alt] <Name of Food>


/use [modifier:alt] <Name of Drink>
/use <Name of Food>

So for my pair of mages, the macro would look like this:

/use Conjured Fresh Water
/use Conjured Muffin
Refreshing Spring Water - World of Warcraft

If you want to have a macro that uses foods in a specific hierarchy (use this until I run out, then use that) you would set it up thusly:

/use Conjured Fresh Water
/use Refreshing Spring Water
/use Conjured Muffin
/use Spiced Wolf Meat
/use Charred Wolf Meat

Alternately, if you want to stay away from naming the foods, you can simply keep the food in a specific bag slot (easier to do with bag-related addons turned off). If you were to keep the food and drink in the top left slots in your backpack, you would use this:

/use 0 1
/use 0 2

Bags are numbered 0-4 from right to left, with the backpack being 0. The slots in each bag are numbered (starting at 1) from left to right, beginning with the leftmost slot on the top row. This is pretty simple for the smaller pouches, but as you work your way up you may find it’s easier to specify the name of the munchies than bag slots. Personally I really like my bag addons and am happy to just update the name when I learn a new spell. (I also have a Tailoring main and thus my alts have way too much bagspace for their levels)

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