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Slightly Less Ugly UI

Bartender4 is a bar modification addon that allows you to position, resize, and do just about anything actually, to the action bars. Since it has nine thousand settings, I’m only covering the changes from default settings.

  • Bars 1 through 3 – enabled and set to a 3×4 instead of straight lines. (Although at the low levels I may be able to get away with only two bars.) Scale is left to 1 right now, but once I get things hotkey’d properly I’ll most likely shrink bars 2 and 3 to nothingness.
  • Bars 4 through 10 – disabled
  • Micro Menu – is hidden since I can get to everything from hotkeys
  • Bag Bar – set to One Bag and moved over directly under the minimap. Scale is left at 1 since I want to be able to see it.

Which gives me something like this (I’ve filled in the empty bits just so you can see all three bars). I could probably compress things even more, but I already feel like the screen is naked as it is. It’s a big jump from the UI I use on my feral druid main (which has nine thousand extra bits of info floating around)

Now I just need to find a way to move the party headshots out of the way, since they will be overlapping things. *heads out to Curse to see what’s available* Ah, okay, looks like I’ll be installing MoveAnything as well.

Of course, now I need to start on the keybindings and on the macros… but I’m going to play with Power Auras next because I am all for the pretty colors at this point. (UI work in 800×600 makes my eyes cross!)

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