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The first thing you learn about working with werewolves is that they aren’t human any more than wolves are dogs. They might look like us and act like us (depending on their mood), but the minute you forgot who and what you were working with is the minute you found out the hard way why the training classes put so much emphasis on ‘maintaining a dominant position.’

Ironically it was easier to keep the more violent wolves in stable partnerships. They might not be true werewolves in the classical sense, but nothing short of anti-tank weaponry was going to put a dent in their mood when they went on a rampage. No handler in their right mind would lower their guard when faced with daily reminders of just how inhuman their charges could be.

Wolves like Gray, on the other hand, went through handlers like a five year old through candy.

The captain looked across the table at the soon to be ex-partners with a feeling of frustrated déjà vu. The werewolf was alert, but relaxed, his attention focused solely on her… when it should have been focused on his handler. A handler who was sporting a rather impressive collection of bruises and at least three broken fingers from the amount of bandaging on his right hand.

The handler, at least, seemed embarrassed about the whole mess.

Martha Bechtel

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