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You’d think it would be easy for me to slip back into writing– after all, I have a almost two hundred story prompts I could play with, or several dozen half-started stories and universes. Heck, I spent a good few hours yesterday just reading through the nine million posts I have archived (a slight exaggeration, but still). There are so many ideas just waiting to be acted on, so many stories I need to finish telling… it’s actually rather depressing.

So I’ve decided it would be best to take a more NaNoWriMo approach to getting back in the flow. Start from scratch, no expectations, no internal editor (but definitely an internal spell-check, because NaNo 2009 had some scary lunchtime drafts. o_O;;), just a nice white space and a word count. If it turns into an actual story, all the better, but for now I’m going to be happy with words on the page.

For the next seven days my goal will be 100 words of story a day. Not a lot, but I figure on the bad days when I can think of anything, 100 words will at least seem possible… where 750 (Novel_in_90) or 1,667 (NaNoWriMo) feel well nigh impossible. With luck, I’ll be able to raise the bar a bit every ‘week’, but I’ll worry about that later. For now, I just need to finish up this post and fire up Q10.

Muses away!

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