NaNoWriMo 2009 : Day 7

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I can just about guarantee that today’s word count is going to be zero, as I still have the attention span of a very drunk hamster, but I can hope. *pokes Muses* Another 1,667 words in the hole I guess. *sighs* At least I still have plenty of time to make it up for it! The fact that I came very close to hitting 2k words during lunch the other day and that bodes well for my ability to catch-up again. Hopefully I’ll be a little more on the ball tomorrow and I can make up some of the defect.

Scene ideas for today, just in case…

A : Exposition about what the demons are and what the thousand years of darkness actually entails
B : Exposition about how the demons are affecting the ecosystem and what impact the increasingly overcast weather patterns will have on crops
C : Exposition about how the general populace was responding to the changes

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