NaNoWriMo 2009 : Day 3

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So, yesterday was a lower wordcount than I had hoped, but I will be taking lunch to work today so that I can eat at my desk and type. Hopefully this should get me at least another couple hundred words, but I’m hoping for a slightly better run. Oddly enough part of my reluctance to continue past the first post yesterday was a problem of ‘what comes next?’ in order to make the story flow smoothly. … And then I realized this was NaNo, that I’m not required to write things in order, and that first drafts tend to suck as a general rule. Ah, freedom! *grin*

So here are the three scenes ideas for today (added to the two left over from yesterday):

A : Kat considers her options on the way back to the day care center.
B : The government makes an announcement on their response to the crisis
C : Alec starts putting plans in motion to save the whole world by himself, just in case everyone else turns out to be idiots

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