NaNoWriMo 2009 : Day 2

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The plan for today is to write 1,500 words, which means three scenes of 500 with room for expansion later. I’ve broken down the needed wordcount so that I can hopefully get away with this setup for the rest of NaNo. (ie. writing less on the weekdays and more on the weekends.) So my job this morning is to think of three things that ‘come next’ in the storyline. It’s still pretty easy since at least one of them will be a ‘break for exposition.’ *insert evil laughter here*

Also on the plate it creating a Cast Page that will be updated as we go along. It’s much easier for me to write for a fictive when they have a ‘face’ to go with them, even if I end up changing things later. It will also help me keep the minor characters straight, as we are about to introduce nine thousand of them… *headdesk*

So… yeah. Three scenes, not necessarily in order:

A : The Good Guys discuss if bringing the non-Good Guys on was such a good idea.
B : Alec and Kat meet Atlantis. The City says ‘hi’.
C : Brian talks to the Big Bad about the coming apocalypse

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