The thing about resolutions is…

keeping them. *sighs*

But on that note, I’ll be doing some 10 minute sprints today in the hopes I can just start the nine million WIPs I have. (In fact one of the 10 minute projects is simply making a list of the WIPs. Which will probably take more than 10 minutes. *headdesk*) If all goes well I should end up with a bunch of little scenes that help build up the worlds and the characters. Sort of like fan fiction for my original fiction… only I have just as many WIPs there as I do here.

But I’m going to try and put together a plan that focuses more on keeping myself interested in the projects, and less on planning my moves ahead of time. I think if I can just keep up the fire to write and stop trying to force myself to write specific things at specific times it might work better for me. I am a very attention span deficient writer. An lo, the world is full of SHINY. *solemn nod*

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