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So Zee is in this because Donovan is making him get his hands dirty with the lower ranking wolves. Zee’s been too distant and withdrawn and Donovan is concerned that Zee’s going to go rouge on him. Not feral, but not following any of the established Alphas. Which is bad because Zee is one of the oldest wolves, and rather vindictive, and Donovan is worried that he’ll gather his own pack of rebels and cause the ‘true’ alphas problems.

Donovan does actually like Zee, but in the way you like an animals you don’t trust not to bite you. Or that you trust to bite you, if it’s in their favor. Which is better than most of the Alpha’s opinions, since they see him as a werewolf that needs stricter handling. Stricter in the sense of ‘beat the stupid out’ rather than ‘psychiatric counseling’.

Mira is in this because she didn’t realize what she was getting into, and she wants out. Now. Unfortunately the only people who could hold their own against Old Lady Smith are the same folks who are just as willing to kill a kid as they are an adult. Not that she’s a kid anymore, the magic’s slowed her aging just like it has Smith, but it’s not as full force yet since she’s not working it as heavily. In theory, if she focused on it, she could halt the aging process all together (or slow it enough that it’s the same thing). The worst bit is that no one in town notices the slowing, even when other kids who are the same chronological age are starting to look older than her biologically.

The Silverwitch is driven mostly by the urge to protect the town and her relatives, and by the fact she is 110% positive that werewolves are Evil with a capital E the size of Newark. Of course the werewolves she met when she was young were capital E evil, but she’s refused to recognize that not everyone she’s captured falls into the same mold. Even though she is motivated by protecting the town, she treats everyone as if they were children. Which is better than the wolves, where she alternates between a rather sadistic indifference to outright hatred. She doesn’t see them as anything other than demons, although she does hold some fondness for Dog, who is one of her oldest wolves.

Dog is insane. If the Silverwitch is 110% crazy, Dog is somewhere around 500%. He went crazy a long time ago and Smith only managed to catch him by freakishly dumb luck. Thankfully for her, the flaws in the silver she used to chain him warped his crazy into mindless loyalty. He is the primary reason that not all the wolves Smith has caught are still alive. Wolves can kill other wolves, but it’s no easier for them than normal humans. Dog, however, can work with his silver, using it as a sort of offensive weaponry. It’s not enough to kill by itself, but he can then force the other wolf into a situation that would finish them off (fire, electrical current, radiation– well, okay, there isn’t a lot of radiation in Rockfall ^_~;;)

Which brings us to The List of Things That Kill Werewolves:
1. Fire — applied until you acquire 100% celldeath
2. Strong electrical current — applied until you acquire 100% celldeath
2. Radiation — applied until you acquire 100% celldeath
… sense a theme here? ^_~

These guys heal insanely quickly and the curse that keeps them alive will regenerate them from the largest piece of remaining wolf (or the bit with the head attached). It is Magic(tm) and needs no such things as logic. *solemn nod*

Silver acts as a foil to the magic, much as steel acts against the fae, however magic imbued silver is several thousand times more lethal than unaltered silver. A Silverwitch can also use the silver as a sort of living weapon, sending it spiderweb into the wolf in order to impede regeneration until some method of ensuring total celldeath can be applied. So a wound with silver in it will not heal, and there are Silverwitches powerful enough to work with silver dust

And I have run out of time, so I will continue the ponderings tomorrow. There will be a story here, among all the ‘building… promise! ^_~;;

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