Silverwitch: A Change of Pace

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Well, considering my pace at the moment is, erm, zero, I figured I had better see if there wasn’t another way to get my groove back. I really need to get in the practice before November, even if I don’t have my shiny new netbook yet. *eyes the release date for Windows 7* I shall avoid the Vista at all costs! *mutter*

At the moment I’m stumped with the story, because I’m not sure where the story is going, or even what the story is about. There is a thread on the NaNo boards about writing out the plot in 20 words or less. I tried it when I revamped the Online Novels page, and managed to come up with the phrase ‘Chains are made to be broken.’

Which sounds better than it works for the moment, but I think it’s not a bad start. … I’m tempted to hit and find some that fit, but it seems like cheating. After all, it’s not like I haven’t read enough books to have a pretty good grasp on the tropes inherent in the genre. I’m half-way tempted to just pull apart what I have already and start over, but it seems too much like giving up. I just need to come at it from another direction.

So, I’m taking the story apart –since I really don’t seem to work in at all a linear fashion– and trying to build the skeleton of the plot up first. Thus, err, spoilers to follow? ^_~;;

Martha Bechtel

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  1. Martha_Bechtel

    I have an ending, sort of, but it’s not really an ending… nothing is actually finalized, things just sort of settle into a new stalemate. *pokes story* It’s like this is the story at the start of a longer story– but I’m not sure what that longer story could be.

    Hopefully I can get more of my thoughts down onto paper tomorrow at lunch. I think I know how each of the threads weaves together, but I think I need to do a ‘This is what happens to Zee, This is what happens to Mira, etc’.

    But I think I worked out a little more with the bits I wrote out tonight. I wasn’t quite sure what Dog’s deal was or why so many of the wolves than had gone missing weren’t still under the Silverwitch’s control. Darn but this world is a tad bloodthirsty. ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. meggins

    You obviously have a beginning, or a stiuation at least. And some characters. Did you have any sort of ending in mind? (I usually have a beginning and ending in mind. It’s the vast middleness that gets to me.) You’ve certainly put in some conflict already what with one werewolf tracking another and the apprentice silversmith witch trying out stuff behind the master smith’s back.

    Chains are made to be broken. Whose chains? (Both who is breaking free of chains and who put chains on them in the first place.) How? How do the two threads of the story weave together? Which characters help each other? Thwart? What happens once the chains are broken?

    Just some questions that occur to this reader. Poke around at them if you think they’ll help. Otherwise ignore them. Best wishes in any event that you get those fingers tapping away again.

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