Saturday Story Prompts [2009.10.10]

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1. The news had said pieces of the wreck were scattered on impact, but she hadn’t really grasped the fact that she’d be finding parts of the plane in her fields for years afterwords.

2. One of the more disturbing things about being told the aliens you’d found were roughly as intelligent as pigs, was discovering just how intelligent pigs were

3. Wishes were supposed to be used for important things– like money or love or happiness or even revenge. You weren’t supposed to use them on stupid things like male pattern baldness or heartburn or the fact that you kept forgetting if you’d left the oven on or not.

4. It was odd what you missed, in a galaxy far far away. He stood in a forest of things that weren’t quite trees in a season that wasn’t quite fall, and tried to remember the smell of the pines.

5. The time to start worrying is when the little voice in your head switches from ‘somebody do something!’ to ‘if I hit him hard enough, he might drop the gun’.


He stood in a forest of things that weren't quite trees in a season that wasn't quite fall, and tried to remember the smell of the pines. Saturday Story Prompt. October 10, 2009
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