Of Ravens and Writing Desks

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In preparation for this year’s NaNoWriMo, I have finally made the upgrade (or is a downgrade?) from Sven the Homework God (aka Laptop) to Raven the Writing Desk (aka Netbook). Raven is significantly smaller and lighter and has a much longer battery life, so hopefully my goal of writing during my lunch break at work will be easier. Last year I wasn’t working, so I used my desktop (with all it’s distractions) and the year before that I wrote longhand in notebooks (which never all got transcribed).

Raven is running Windows XP, Firefox, and Q10.

And nothing else.

In theory this will force me to only work on the story (or play on the NaNo boards), which is more productive than the desktop (Holly) or the laptop (Sven) as there are no games installed. We’ll see how that does in practice.

I’m going to be doing a test run of the Sunday Write-ins by hitting up Panera’s today (2-5pm) and working on SilverWitch. It should give me a good idea of a) the crowds and b) my ability to concentrate whilst using the netbook. Huzzah for adventuring!

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