NaNoWriMo 2009: Casting the Chaos

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So, erm, since I’m hip deep in TVTropes I figured I may as well choose the cast from my various fandoms. They won’t be the fictives per se, but will keep their appearance and personality. It might count as fanfiction, but it would be such a remote AU (Alternate Universe) that I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t count against me. After all, many folks cast actors for their roles, why can’t I cast fictional actors (of sorts?)

Anywho… here we go! (Pictures are now hosted off my on webspace, so no more stealing bandwidth from Wikipedia, woo!)

The Cast

The Good Guys

The Chosen One – Daniel Jackson (Stargate), because he’s got plenty of practice with the whole dying bit… although he’s not too happy about the cameo.

The Anti-Heroes

Alex – Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) or Zoe Washburne (Firefly). I’m not sure Zoe is enough of an Anti-Hero.. I may just swap her to the Good Guy team, for lo, if I’m facing the apocalypse, I want her on my team! ^_~ heh

The Not-Quite-Villains

Kat – I’m waffling here between Jayne Cobb (Firefly) or Methos (Highlander). *ponders*

The Bad Guys

Human Big Bad – Aiden Ford (Stargate: Atlantis, post-Wraith attack) or Lex Luthor (Smallville), since I like my villains to actually be people who are just making decisions for less than rational reasons. (And because Ford was a kick-ass character that didn’t get enough screen time. So nya!)

The Three Immortals

Immortal Big Bad – The Master (Doctor Who)
Immortal Neutral – Jareth (Labyrinth) or Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Immortal Big Damn Hero – Ronon Dex (Stargate: Atlantis) because The Risen City is Atlantis, and if anyone is going to save the world by himself, it’ll be Ronon.

More to come…

Martha Bechtel

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  1. meggins

    Oh, yes, Zoe belongs on the Good team. Agree that Aiden was under utilized, so it would be kind of cool for him to play a big part.

    1. Martha_Bechtel

      I think you’re quite right, Zoe needs to be shifted over to the Good team. The more I’ve been playing around with the fictives in my head, the more she is turning into a defacto leader of the remaining Good.

      As for Aiden, I was really looking for a villain who was going to end the world with the best of intentions… and Aiden (post-Wraith) does fit the bill. Lex might work too, but he’s just not as earnestly devoted to what he thinks will Save The World. Heh ^_^

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