And lo… I have a lot of stuff to upload. *ponders*

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There is a contest over on Nathan Bransford’s blog (The 3rd Sort-of-Annual Stupendously Ultimate First Paragraph Challenge) that is asking for the first paragraph of works-in-progress.

You would think with all the writing I’ve got online that finding a first paragraph that would knock the socks off the competition would be easy. … You would be somewhat less than correct. There is apparently a LOT of writing in The One True Archive folder that has never made it online. In the interest of having several copies of everything (and thus protecting Ye Olde Fic) I’m going to have to start working out what I have where. Of all the stories I have in the various states of WIP-ness, only The Gate to Fenrith Lei had an opening paragraph worth posting. And Gate, bless it’s heart, has the slowest opening in the history of Martha-fic. *sighs*

But it’s posted, which is something, and maybe I’ll get my butt in gear and get something over to Evil Editor. I posted the synopsis for Rise and Walk once upon a time, but I haven’t been back to play lately. I really need to get myself up an out of this non-writing rut I’ve been in. *pokes Muses* November cometh!

Ah well, back to some word sprints, and hopefully a decent nightly wordcount for Silverwitch.

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