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[What Mira was thinking when she set out to attract Zee’s attention. Possibly repetitive from earlier posts, but I needed a place to start.]

There were better ways to attract the attention of a werewolf, but Mira was pretty sure ticking one off wasn’t a bad way to start. From what she’d been told there was very little probability that the wolf would snap and end up killing everyone, no matter what Old Lady Smith kept telling her. It just didn’t make sense that any society that had existed as long as the wolves had wouldn’t have weeded out the member more likely to expose them to the rest of the world. When you were as outnumbered as the wolves, discretion was definitely the better part of valor.

The again, the chances anyone would believe that things such as werewolves existed without direct first person undeniable proof was pretty slim. And since the wolves apparently weren’t fond of letting said witnesses live much past the point where fairy tales met reality… the fact that they were still seen as a myth after several thousand years of coexistence wasn’t that hard to believe.

So she waited for the new wolf to make an appearance. She still wasn’t sure that it would be Zee that showed up, but she had her hopes. The chance that a younger wolf, even if it was the local Alpha, would be able to help her was slim to none. She needed experience in order to keep the Silverwitch distracted long enough to make things happen. If she was going to haves someone throw a monkey wrench into Smith’s plans, it needed to be someone with a whole bagful of wrenches ready to throw.

In the end it was a lot easier to get and keep his attention than she had expected. Thankfully her reputation with the rest of the town was already mostly a cranky recluse, so her outburst was neither out of character nor particularly memorable.


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