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[An overview of the Werewolf Curse]

When you are dying painfully, it’s hard to really get enough coherency to make a curse that works quite the way you intended it to. So instead of cursing the Baron and his offspring to walk the earth as wolves for the rest of their natural lives, she ended up cursing him and his descendants to walk the world for eternity as werewolves.

Which worked out to be just as effective a curse, if not quite the one she had intended. True, immortality wasn’t as nice a punishment as a fast and bloody death, but there was plenty of mental anguish to go along with the brutal reality of living forever (or almost forever). And she might have gotten the wording a bit wrong and passed the curse to all of the Baron’s lineage -by blood or adoption- but she couldn’t be blamed for not realizing that the curse was something someone would want to acquire.

So the werewolves were as immortal as the curse magic could make them— dying only when they were destroyed to a point where the magic had nothing left to hold on to, and they weren’t infectious or contagious or any of the normal routes of werewolf reproduction. If you wanted to inherit the Baron’s curse, you had to ask.


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