Daily Snippit : Urban/Suburban Fantasy

[Zee has fun with controlled shifting…]

There were quite a lot of ways to freak out the human population when you could control the werewolf transformation to the extent Zee could. The easiest, although most overdone, was simply to change the eyes. Wolves with human eyes and humans with wolf eyes would ping people’s ‘not right’ radar without them ever realizing what was making them nervous. Another fun one was to fade hair into wolf fur while human, which would look more or less right from a distance, but definitely unnatural when they got closer. Having black fur helped, but he’d seen other wolves pull off less subtle attempts with less mundane looking colors.

Not that he spent a lot of time scaring people, it just wasn’t as interesting a pastime after the first hundred years. And every so often the wolves were in hiding, depending on where and when you were. Not that it ever lasted for long. It was very easy to convince people that you didn’t exist, and even easier to carefully weed out the people who saw past the fabrication.

It helped that the two groups didn’t have to interact much unless they wanted to. The wolves has been around long enough that the packs had enough of a legacy to fund whatever new pups appeared. Wolves didn’t work unless they wanted to, didn’t mingle with humans unless they felt like it– heck some of them never even left the comfortable safety of the pack-run apartment complexes and housing developments. The world was oddly accepting with the idea of something as dangerous as a werewolf living out in the open without actually ever being out in the open.

But he did love the reactions, even if he wouldn’t admit it.


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