Saturday Story Prompts [2009.09.26]

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1. It always rained in the morning, soft and slow as if the ever-present clouds were shaking off the night.

2. There were no such things as Evil Wizards, not anymore. Susan had found that there were very few limits on what a god could do, even one who’d won her godhood by deeds instead of birth.

3. The air was thick with smoke, coating every breath with the taste of charred pine and scorched moss. The forest might be too wet to burn, but the invading army was still giving it the old college try.

4. Heather was the kind of dog that children dream of having; a fierce protector to ward off nightmares, a ruthless champion to mete out their revenge, someone to love them no matter what they asked of her… but Heather wasn’t real.

5. The soup was little more than flavored water, but there were few ways to make two rabbits feed eight people and damned if he was going to let any of them go hungry tonight.


Heather was the kind of dog that children dream of having. Saturday Story Prompt. September 26, 2009
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