Saturday Story Prompts [2009.09.05]

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1. Griffins were unpredictable creatures, more bird than cat in their reactions. Which meant the best you could hope for was that they decided you were just another bird and treated you as such. You haven’t lived until you’ve been preened affectionately by something the size of a horse.

2. When you know you’re going to die, how long do you keep trying to live?

3. There is something to be said for doing nothing; long lazy summer days where you sit back, relax, and soak in the fact that yes, you are allowed to just be.

4. “Lights! Action! Camera!” He waved his arms dramatically at the life-sized T-Rex, while she rolled her eyes and smiled in embarrassment at the bemused tourists that parted around them like migrating caribou.

5. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results might be crazy, but seriously, how else do you learn a skill?


Griffins were unpredictable creatures, more bird than cat in their reactions. Saturday Story Prompt. September 5, 2009
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