NaNoWriMo 2009: In which there are no glowing spiders…

Alright, a story in which there a no Magical Companion Animals. I can do this. … Okay, maybe not.

No! I shall persevere! *dramatic pose*

Okay, so in theory there are a limited number of plots in the world. Per TV Tropes there are a traditional number of cheesy (yet fun!) takes on said plots, so… *randomly clicks on a Plot* Enemy Mine it is! (With a dash of Gondor Calls For Aid Divide And Conquer). And for fun, lets subplot Terrible Ticking, Dark Action GirlSpy Catsuit, and a Bitz Box.

… Which means I am bemusedly looking at two kick-ass heroine types who are Not Pleased(tm) with my choice of Random Button clicking. Hehehehe ^_^

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