NaNoWriMo 2009: Building up the plot…

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This year’s story now has a tagline: “This is what happens when Good is Dumb.” or “Stories never end the same way twice, sometimes Evil wins.”

I’m leaning towards the first one, although the second one is more appropriate. *grin*

There is nothing quite so amusing as using TV Tropes as inspiration! I really should have though of doing this before, it’s such a simple way not only to see what the tropes are, but how everyone has handled them. Then I can either follow the general consensus of how a trope should play out, or I can put a bit of a spin on it and turn it into something new.


The world is starting to flesh out a bit, thanks to some lunch time brainstorming from last week (which I never got around to posting, sorry). So let’s look at the overview of what we’re playing with.

Genre: Urban Fantasy or Current Day Fantasy, depending on how Urban it actually has to be to fit in the category. Am still considering

Setting : Just Before The End and moving quickly into The End Of The World As We Know It. So basically take a day like today, start ending the world via a millennial old three-way war no one noticed was happening.

Plot: The Chosen One has died, we’re a heartbeat from The Bad Guy Wins… it’s time for Gondor Calls For Aid! (and the fun of Enemy Mine and maybe some Foe Yay. Heh ^_~). While The Big Bad is playing Divide And Conquer and the heroes (err, Hero and Pseudo-Hero) are just hoping for A World Half Full. So it all comes down to the whose stronger, the Terrible Ticking or the
Dark Action Girl and her awesome Spy Catsuit. (Of course the Hero and their Bitz Box do help a bit)

…achem. Yes. *totally did not just spend three hours playing around on TV Tropes* … *whistles innocently*

Now time to build things out a bit more. *grabs index cards* Next update after I get something less linky and more coherent. Ah crack!fic, how I love thee! ^_~ heh

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