There will NOT be a Silverwitch post tonight…

As I have other responsibilities that take priority for the moment (and rightly so!)

Thus there will be a writing post of some sort, but it will most likely it will center around brainstorming this year’s NaNoWriMo novel (which I need to start outlining!) or ways to get the other online novels into a more readable format. There are a lot of archival issues that copped up with the move from LiveJournal to WordPress, since I combined four different LJs to get this one blog. Moving the books into a shared format (they were each in their own LJ) has caused quite a few tagging problems. 😛

There might also be a Daily Snippit, if the muses agree to play… but they’ve been a bit persnickety lately since the Suburban Fantasy muse seems to have taken over my plotlines recently. *pokes her SciFi muse*

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