Saturday Story Prompts [2009.08.15]

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1. In space, things very rarely settle for going ‘a little bit’ wrong.

2. The trip was plagued with constant rain, from drizzles to downpours and back without a smidge of blue sky in-between.

3. Life might be greener on the other side of the fence, but Chuck had learned a thing or two about being green from Kermit.

4. In most parts of the country the going price for a goat was easily two pigs and a rabbit, but Little Darlington was actually the goat producing capital of the lower fourteen kingdoms and Dorrin was going to be lucky if he could get more than three guinea pigs and a bag of turnips.

5. On the whole, death rays really weren’t that convenient. It’s sort of hard to gloat meaningfully as your master plan comes to fruition when you don’t have an audience.


On the whole, death rays really weren't that convenient. It's sort of hard to gloat meaningfully as your master plan comes to fruition when you don't have an audience. Saturday Story Prompt. August 15, 2009
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