Prepping for NaNoWriMo 2009…

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Yes, I know it’s only August and the stores haven’t even started selling us Halloween kitsch yet, but I’ve got the NaNoWriMo itch, and I’m going to humor it! *grin*

For this year’s attempt, I am going to try intricately outlining the story before November starts. I will have (if I am lucky) everything broken down in terms of plot, characters, locations, research, even scenes if I’m lucky. If I’m feeling overly ambitious I might even end up with some nice snippits that I can use as DVD extras in order to raise interest in the story (which will be posted here come Nov).

This is NOT a story which will ever be seeking a traditional publisher, unless I somehow get insanely lucky over the past, err, three attempts?

Although I love The Gate to Fenrith Lei, it’s too odd (I think) to find a good home with a publisher– assuming I ever finish it. Woven and Dogs of the Never Never might be books someday, but they will have little to no relation to the NaNo novels I fear. *le sigh*

But this massive planning attempt means I need everything but the prose lined up a ready to go!

Of course this may fail, which means I end up using the outline for Day 1 and then wandering off on a wild tangent afterwords. … Actually there is a pretty good chance, but I’m stubborn enough to try it anyways! Last year I made the 50,000 word goal, but the story was inherently broken. This year I want to make 50k and have an actual story. *stubborn*

So to do this, I’m starting my Novel_in_90 book today and my outlining for the NaNo… there shall be content! (Mwahahaha!)

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