NaNoWriMo 2009: Searching for a story…

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Last year I wrote about a girl and her magical companion spider (or at least I tried to). The year before that were the ghost dogs and their not-particularly-magical companion human. And before that was the widowed mother and her daughter’s magical companion menagerie.

This year I think I’m swearing off the companion animals. *shifty eyes*

But as my plan this year is to outline-outline-outline… I need to get something started. Which means I need to pick a protagonist (the genre and plot tend to work outwards from the characters). Although I am truly tempted to simply mine TV Tropes for plots and try to create the most overly cliched adventure EVAR. *dramatic music*

Actually that could be fun. *ponders* … *wanders off to play with tropes*

Martha Bechtel

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