Saturday Story Prompts [2009.07.18]

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1. I wish we lived closer, but tigers are a solitary breed and weretigers only slightly less so. Even with the easy connection of the ‘net, my sister rarely talks to me and I learned long ago it isn’t worth the effort to force her into conversation. It isn’t my fault I stayed human, just a quirk of the genetic pool thanks to great-grandma Mercer, or that I long for things my family cannot give.

2. The vines climb slowly up the walls, an inch a year when the weather’s good or several feet those times the courtyard is awash in blood.

3. If anyone deserved to be followed around by a neon purple springbok, it was Charles.

4. Dragons, being dragons, were wont to live very close to forever (knights and unnaturally talented squires aside), and that meant a great many of them were bored.

5. Sasha wasn’t meant for this kind of heat and was sprawled on the water-cooled river rocks with something akin to bliss.


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If anyone deserved to be followed around by a neon purple springbok, it was Charles. Saturday Story Prompt. July 18, 2009
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  1. meggins

    #1 appeals to me. Not that I’m likely to do anything with it, but I will take it “in case.”

    Mewonders if #5 is inspired by the current weather. I wouldn’t mind some river-cooled rocks myself.

  2. Martha_Bechtel

    It’s always fun to take tropes and look at them sideways! I am very tempted at the moment to write something in the genre of Urban Fantasy where the protagonist is one of the ‘normal’ folks… and wants to stay that way! *grin*

    And the current oven that is Virginia has nothing to do with #5, nopenopenope… *wishes she had a river to sprawl in*

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