Saturday Story Prompts [2009.02.07]

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1. He has a whole universe in which he can be alone… only it’s not what he wants, anymore.

2. One of the drawbacks of living in a haunted house is fighting with over which color to paint the kitchen. Susan wasted a month stubbornly repainting it blue before giving up.

3. The only rule is ‘Keep Moving.’ There used to be others, she counted them off in her head when things got too real to bear, but they’d left them in the boot tracks and bodies behind them.

4. Her city had no violent crime, and it came without capes and masks and secret identities. Because there are heroes and there are anti-heroes, and then there are psychotic sociopaths with just enough control to accurately weed the out the black from shades of grey.

5. If the universe played fair, a day with a three-hour traffic jam really should have more than a broken vending machine to balance. Still, three Snickers bars for a dollar wasn’t the worst way to finish out a shift. Now if only the rest of the evening went as well…


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He has a whole universe in which he can be alone... only it's not what he wants, anymore. Saturday Story Prompt. February 7, 2009
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