Woven : Town #2

Wordcount: 1,209
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: The weaver heads into Town #2, lost of worldbuilding and not a lot of prose.

NOTE: This is a very rough draft with no editing at all (per National Novel Wiriting Month rules) and is presented for amusement value only. Think of it as a periscope into my writing process rather than a coherent story!

There will most likely be spelling and grammatical errors afoot as well as flat out bad writing, info dumps, plot holes, contradictions/retcons, uneven characterization and pacing. These snippits are also posted out of order, so please refer to the story page to figure out where it’s supposed to fit.


Town #2

She thanks the caravan for the help and heads into the weavers temple/guild building. The town is much larger and has a weaver on full-time duty.

There is a bit of silence, a break from the constant mooing and it’s rather odd. There is nothing to so strange as being used to company. She walks along the road and there are more and more people as she goes, but nothing too bad. She gets to the outskirts of the town and then heads for the temple.

The second is town is quite a bit bigger than the first. The caravan is headed into the meat markets outside of the town limits, and she can smell the scent of the tannery and slaughterhouse when the wind shifts. She parts ways with t cowboys when they reach the meat market and continues into the city.

There is no city wall, simply a subtle shift from the use of woods and mud to the permanence of stone. There is nothing out here that can really attack them in any large numbers, so there aren’t as many need for fortifications and defenses. They are the only kingdom in the world, as far as they know, and there has been peace for as long as the kingdom has existed.

Not that there isn’t infighting ,there’s always a bit of a class struggle going on within the court system itself, but that sort of drama is reserved for the capital and for the larger domains, nothing as mall as this town.

The drama in the smaller towns normally has to do with law enforcement, and some of the more basic cultural rules. the teachers come by every so often to make sure that what is going on in the capital is disseminated outward and that there is nothing going on outside of the capital that the king should know about. they also have some small part in notifying people in the charge of the taxes, but don’t actually do any of the tax collection.

She missed the teacher somewhat, if only for the various stories he is sure to have about the town and its inhabitants. she settles her pack and head into town.

There is now all and therefore no gate guard, but there are policemen and there is a incoming travelers inn if she needs it. Since this town has a weavers guild building or temple there is no reason for her to stop and get a day pass.

She heads into the temple, which is located to the left of the center of town, slightly to the west and set to face the setting sun all hit the roof of the temple and cause it to glitter slightly., there is a more complicated arrangement that mimics the solar cycles and planets and whatnot but she only sees it as an extra, nothing she really has to worry about

For the most part the passing of time isn’t that big of a deal, they really only use it to measure how old folks are.

It’s a larger town, so the streets are roughly cobbled. More of a collection of mud and rocks, there is no sand this far inland to smooth the potholes. There are a few carriages, but horses are still relatively rare, used more for distance riding. In town they use burros more, the smaller compact animals take less room and can pull just as much.

If anyone else could see the lines that ran along the streets, somewhere fainted end by the heavy influx of the nonliving, they would have see the cracks in the facade,. Ehen when man tried to impose his will upon the work the world web remains. It was one of the fatal flaws of the kingdom, that it tried, even mildly, to control that which could not be controlled. She gave the worked repairing the road and displease glance, but it was much easier to walk in ton and she couldn’t fault them too much for working to maintain that ease.

The spires of the temple rose to the west, short protractions into the sky, more reminiscent of trees that than more stark roofs of the surround houses. There was just enough stone here to build to two stories, but nothing above. Only the temples and court houses rose above that beige and grey line.

There were fewer animals in the larger town, but she could still see them if she looked. the smaller mice and bugs, the foxes and bobcats. There were some birds here as well, mostly sparrows and the braver barn swallows. Nesting in among the unconventional trees.

She nodded to one of the towns guard, who noted her attire and then moved on. She was an unknown, but an unknown of a generic sort and they had already classified her as dangerous but not a threat. They were on the lookout for threats of a more human nature, leaving the spiders and the wasps to their own ends.

If anyone else objected to her presence, they made no note of it. Which was understood in the larger towns. Because of the temples presence there was always a few weavers on the streets. the symbiotic nature of the spider weaver bond was enough to make most people wary, but they did offer useful services, so they were tolerated, but not openly welcomed in most areas.

She could feel the tug of need along the worldweb in the direction of the temple, but not so much in the other parts of the town web. The townsfolk knew enough to bring their sick to the temple so the most disturbance would be there naturally the weavers were also drawn to the sick and injured by habit, so anyone who didn’t come to the temple would have a waver seeking them out in a few days anyways. most folks didn’t like the weavers randomly showing up at their door, so they headed into the temple in defense.

But the tug was mild, which meant there weren’t any serious cases in the city at the moment, which was good. She was still worn out from the fevers of before, more prevalent this winter than in earlier years. There had been some noise of an epidemic and she was glad to see those, at least, had been laid to rest.

She made her way to the temple steps, guarded on each side by a stone spider crouched on the stone pedestals. She paused to stroke the westward one, it’s surface worn smooth by the caress of a thousand travelers before her. The eastward spider, in a defensive position was less revered, but only because it embodied the more violent tendencies of their little sisters. Humans were quick to forget that the spiders weren’t always there to help them, and any reminder of the fact was glossed over wherever possible.

The spiders helped humans, but only to the extent that the humans were on the same wavelength. AS soon as their priorities differed, the spiders would attempt to enforced their own set of morals on their flocks. So while there were some folks who worshiped at the spider temples,, most folks only did so if they needed help.

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