Saturday Story Prompts [2008.11.22]

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1. Other than the lack of air, the planet was actually quite pleasant.

2. Possibly one of the stupider things he’d attempted in his youth, still Yavn was quite proud of the pair of Usslik tusks that adorned the entryway.

3. Quicker than the eye could follow –which wasn’t hard considering the eyes belong to turtles who weren’t paying that much attention to start with– she was gone.

4. Rather than spend the rest of the day arguing, she relented and let him continue on in the belief that nothing rhymed with orange.

5. This is how the world ends… except it had already ended twice this week and the chances that it was going to stay ended were pretty much slim to none. The universe was notoriously bad at knowing when to throw in the towel.


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Other than the lack of air, the planet was actually quite pleasant. Saturday Story Prompt. November 22, 2008
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