Saturday Story Prompts [2008.11.01]

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1. There was nothing really noble about questing, when you got right down to it. After all, the only reason they were out here saving the world in the first place was because they didn’t trust anyone else to do it right.

2. Fish were not to be trusted.

3. The sun was an odd shade of amber, mottled and rough and full of bugs (if you squinted just right.)

4. The most disconcerting thing about Quarry Lake was that you could see all the way to the bottom. Or at least to the mouth of the mine, which spread like an inkblot against the pale tan of the rocky bottom.

5. She smelled of rice fields and mist, and the faintest hint of fox.


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She smelled of rice fields and mist, and the faintest hint of fox. Saturday Story Prompt. November 1, 2008
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